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The guayabera

The guayabera it is a traditional garment for men known for its pockets and tucks.

Originally from Cuba and adopted by Yucatecan artisans, The guayabera It is characterized as one of the most emblematic garments of Mexico.

Its variety of colors, embroideries and its great variety make it an incredible option to look unique.
On what occasion are Guayaberas used?
A Guayabera can be considered a formal and casual garment. Since by combining it with the bottom part you can change its connotation.
They are usually used in warm environments, or beach; but also on special occasions such as events on the beach, ceremonies and weddings.

A unique garment, for someone special

A Guayabera is an excellent gift option, since it is a #Must in a man's wardrobe. Its versatility of use makes it an ideal key piece for all tastes and occasions. Its variety of colors and designs make it a unique and special gift.

Artemaro and fair trade

We are aware of the enormous cultural wealth that inhabits our country, for this reason we believe that each story must be told, and that the best way to do it is through artisan hands; thus preserving this valuable legacy that characterizes us as a unique nation in the world.

We embroider with love the culture and wealth of our country through the design and manufacture of timeless, unique and special garments.

One of the main details that make each garment made by La guayabera Artemaro special, are the embroideries and coconut buttons. Each one of them is designed and made by artisan hands, turning a Mexican tradition into a work of art.