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Article: The panama hat

El sombrero panamá

The panama hat

The panama hat is a garment that has gained great popularity worldwide for its elegant and fresh design. Originally from Ecuador, this hat is handmade with leaves of the toquilla plant, which gives it a soft and resistant texture at the same time.

This hat is not only a piece of clothing, but also a cultural and social symbol in Latin America. It has traditionally been used for formal occasions such as weddings, baptisms and funerals, but also for informal events such as outdoor walks and festivals.

However, the true versatility of the panama hat lies in its ability to adapt to any style of clothing. Whether you're wearing a smart suit or a casual jeans and t-shirt ensemble, the panama hat will always complement your outfit with a touch of class and sophistication.

In this sense, the panama hat is the perfect complement to one of the most emblematic clothing items in Latin America: the guayabera.

When combined with a panama hat, guayaberas acquire an even more distinguished and elegant air. This combination is perfect for any occasion, from a formal dinner to a casual outing with friends.

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Características de la Guayabera

Characteristics of the Guayabera

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¿Cómo combinar una guayabera?

How to combine a guayabera?

The guayabera is a traditional garment of Cuban origin, which can be used on formal and informal occasions. Here are some ideas to combine a guayabera:

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