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"Life is a short journey, one full of experiences and stories to tell." ARTEMARO BRANDBOOK We are a proudly Mexican family business, inspired and dedicated to my grandfather “Gigi”, who became my source of inspiration and role model. When I was little, my grandfather Gigi told me stories of his travels and adventures. From him I learned that time passes quickly and that sometimes words are not enough to tell stories.

Mexico, a wonderful country, full of diversity, culture and talent, which deserves to be seen and admired by all. I still remember his iconic phrase "get to work", and that is how Artemaro was born, with the intention of becoming the voice of those artisans who have not been able to tell their story, because we know that each one of them deserves to be told, and we do. better; leave a mark on others. We tell the story of Yucatecan artisans through exclusive garments, taking care of every detail and every process. Making each piece a unique, priceless item with great sentimental value; and above all of unmatched quality. With their hands they tell a thousand and one stories. - Artemaro